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Thursday March 21st

Exhibitor Load in 9:30 am-2:00 pm   * All Times Central

Veterans Program - 5:00 PM (Doors open at 4:00 pm)

Evening Concert: (
Featuring: Surrendered Reunion
New Ground, Gold City, Griffith Family
Greg Sullivan, Pylant Family, Fields Of Grace, Bill Henderson, Caleb Howard, and ClearVision

Preaching/Invitation: Brandon Pylant

Friday March 22nd

Showcase- 9:00 Artists to be announced (Showcase Room 1A)

Friday Matinee 11:00 am
Emcee- Dave Taylor, KWFC
Featuring: Master's Voice, Jessica Ingram, Galloway and Co,
The Bunkleys, Molded Clay, Carol Barham, New Reason Qt,  and Steve

Bruno Samuels

Evening Concert: (Mainstage)
Jeff & Sheri Easter, Master's Voice, Josh & Ashley Franks
The Pathfinders, The Connells, The Journeys, Lance Driskell

Preaching/Invitation: Josh Franks

Saturday March 23rd

 Showcase- 9:00 Artists to be announced (Showcase Room 1A)
 Saturday Matinee 11:00 am 
 Emcee- Dave Taylor, KWFC
 Featuring: (Mainstage)
 Karen Peck & New River, Eagle's Wings, Phillips & Banks
 Sounds Of Jericho, Hazel Sain,  Chosen 4:13, Charlie Sexton &   Homecoming

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